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Where am I?

Where am I?

By Nina

I’ve travelled far though never left my room
to far off lands of hope and doom

Where monsters thrive and demons dwell
Where Heaven exists alongside Hell

A universe of kings and queens
A world of nightmares and of dreams

Where the sea is red and the sun is white
Where there is no day and there’s only night

One minute, sailing on oceans wide
Next, swooping wings on which I glide

Fearlessly, I’m a warrior brave
from evil tyrants damsels save

Phobia’s faced and put to rest
I deftly complete every quest

Virtual stars of the silver screen
There’s no one thing I haven’t been

Half man, half beast, good or bad
A super hero, sane or mad

And yet in the blinking of an eye
Lose concentration and I die

A mind within a game or a game within a mind
To relive, click ENTER – another life designed

Where am I? I can be anywhere

November 2009


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