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Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday

by Nina Spink


You once made me a card

To celebrate my birth

With glitter and stickers

It brought much mirth

But greater by far

the message conveys

You took time to care.

To be treasured always


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Looking Back

Looking Back
by Nina Spink

I haven’t got a pretty past.
It isn’t nice to hear.
There’s a great deal of hurt in there.
With a fair amount of fear.

And going through it, God knows I wished
I was anywhere but there.
I used to dream it wasn’t real
I’d be rescued from despair

I’d spend my days, counting down the years
crossing off each mark on the wall
But right here, right now, I’d not have it changed.
Bittersweet, I survived it all

I can never hope to change the past,
Or what’s been said and done.
I’m the product of the life I’ve led
It has made me who I am.

This person now before you stands
with hopes and dreams recast
To take control of her future path
Not just a victim of her past.

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Indispensable Friend
(aka Ode to My Hot Water Bottle)
By Nina Spink


When it’s cold outside
And the night is long
When spirits are down
Life sings a sad song

At the end of the day
Work’s been a hard struggle
She’s always waiting
With a reassuring cuddle

Whether lying in bed
Or nestling in a chair
Off’ring warmth and comfort
She is always there

When your body is wracked
With those aches and pains
She gently soothes
And the tension drains

Enjoy the relief
That only she brings
Lifting the heart
Softening Life’s stings

So at those moments
When you’re feeling low
Take her in your arms
Feel that healing glow

Surrender yourself
In Heavenly bliss
She’s the next best thing
To a lover’s kiss



I was inspired to write this for a friend

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Move On

Move On
by Nina Spink

Time’s run out for regret’s sad song
Accept ones life, move on
Don’t squander that which now remains
The clock is ticking

Shame and guilt, luxuries I can’t afford.
I’ll cast down my glove, unsheathe my sword
The stakes too high to back down now
It’s gone too far for pleasantries

No point in hankering for what was lost
The decisions made, but at what cost
Too long entrapped in a passive role
It’s time for realisation

An endless lane stretches back as dead
A road named “hope” reaches out ahead
Those wasted years I’d hid behind
The door of lost opportunity

There’s nothing to save but for the years
A foundation formed of silent tears
No “once was”  to rebuild
A union by default

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Tread Carefully

Tread Carefully

by Nina Spink

Be careful where you tread

Don’t crush her underfoot

She’s laid herself low for you

Tread carefully, lest you trample on her heart

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Empty Bed

Empty Bed
by Nina Spink

I see his back
His strong, beautiful back
I long to touch him
I reach out
I only feel cold.
Cold sheets.
My tears fill the hollow
Once full of warmth.

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Time made us Strangers

Time made us Strangers
by Nina Spink

I let go of your hand
You got lost in the crowd

You stayed behind
I needed to fly

Always on the horizon
Silhouetted against my sky

Never far from my thoughts
Time passing us by

We no longer talk,
Don’t speak the same language

We’re from different worlds
Nothing left to salvage

Time made us strangers

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