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Tread Carefully

Tread Carefully

by Nina Spink

Be careful where you tread

Don’t crush her underfoot

She’s laid herself low for you

Tread carefully, lest you trample on her heart


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Time made us Strangers

Time made us Strangers
by Nina Spink

I let go of your hand
You got lost in the crowd

You stayed behind
I needed to fly

Always on the horizon
Silhouetted against my sky

Never far from my thoughts
Time passing us by

We no longer talk,
Don’t speak the same language

We’re from different worlds
Nothing left to salvage

Time made us strangers

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by Nina Spink


I watched you cross the room
with purpose, dimmed the light.
You pulled me in your arms
and took me, there, that night.

Confused and dazed you left me
My heart screeched out in pain
I knew then that I’d loved you
But would hold you not again.



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The Photograph

The Photograph
By Nina Spink

I remember that day
The day you went away
that twinkle in your eye
and I promised myself I wouldn’t cry

Well I kept my promise
of a sort

I smiled and waved farewell
You nodded back
I was sad … you could tell
You put your hat on back to front to make me laugh
That’s when I took this photograph

I didn’t want you to go
not just then
Just a few more hours
until you had to leave
But it wasn’t to be
And you held me close and kissed me
On the forehead, like a small child

I choked back the tears as the door closed
and I wandered aimlessly for the next hour or so
I couldn’t sleep
Until it was time for me to go
to catch my plane
back to the same old same

This picture holds but an image
A moment way back in my past
And though in years the photograph may wear and fade
My memory of that time will last.


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Ravages of Time

Ravages of Time
By Nina Spink

Where is that fresh faced boy
Without a care in the world
save for the latest toy
and the girl in his dreams?
Who saw only challenges and not risk.
His unquenchable thirst for life,
Eager and strong, vital
With limbs that obeyed his thoughts
Now only give way to persuasion and effort.
When food was luscious
Now without taste, a cardboard shell.
Those bright eyes lost to faded and dull sight.
A sharp mind, now struggling to recall

But sit again on a balmy night in earshot of the ocean call
Listen once more to the conversation of the sea
Feel the wind upon those weathered cheeks
And be transported back to the heady days of youth
To brush a stray lock from upturned lips
And to cup her face between two palms
So there in rapture gaze on a love once held
Fragile, delicate but soon to fade
Yet in a memory lingers long … never to be forgotten.


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By Nina Spink

There’s a beauty in this landscape
Though the mist obscures its view
There’s an eerie sense of tranquility
known only to the precious few

And as you tread through sodden grass
to the gate at the distant end
tears seep into your shoes
through the holes you forgot to mend

If you scratch away the paintwork
from the lock upon the gate
you will see the rust spots poorly patched
Repairs done in much haste

Though there’s years of sad neglect
of resignation etched upon its plaque
tell-tale signs of reparation
reveal a heart that’s not all black


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Miss Lucy

Miss Lucy
by Nina Spink

She’s the best friend one could ever have
Never short of sayings to make me laugh
And when I’m careworn, down or sad
Her infectious smile melts away all that’s bad

I can never wait to hear her news
whether it’s about a dress or a pair of shoes
she thinks are perfect for me
they’ll be still up on her mac for me to see

She has a passion for capes
In fact anything that drapes
As long as its black or red
In which others wouldn’t be seen dead

Yes, she is a little strange and quite unique
Can recite “word for word” the song about a spinning leek
She’ll answer my questions that I haven’t said
And seems to know what’s mulling around my head

And on those rare occasions I may be in a mood
‘Cos she can’t make a decision about which food
to have, she’ll never let me get away
with a sarcastic comment cast her way

Having said that she is abundantly kind
One of the sweetest girls you could ever find
If you knew her, you couldn’t fail to see
just how wonderfully special is Miss Lucy


I wrote this little poem about my daughter.  She is very special.


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