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Move On

Move On
by Nina Spink

Time’s run out for regret’s sad song
Accept ones life, move on
Don’t squander that which now remains
The clock is ticking

Shame and guilt, luxuries I can’t afford.
I’ll cast down my glove, unsheathe my sword
The stakes too high to back down now
It’s gone too far for pleasantries

No point in hankering for what was lost
The decisions made, but at what cost
Too long entrapped in a passive role
It’s time for realisation

An endless lane stretches back as dead
A road named “hope” reaches out ahead
Those wasted years I’d hid behind
The door of lost opportunity

There’s nothing to save but for the years
A foundation formed of silent tears
No “once was”  to rebuild
A union by default


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Empty Bed

Empty Bed
by Nina Spink

I see his back
His strong, beautiful back
I long to touch him
I reach out
I only feel cold.
Cold sheets.
My tears fill the hollow
Once full of warmth.

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Nothing Left

Nothing Left
by Nina Spink

The face is familiar
Yet the eyes do not see,
The ears do not hear,
The mouth spits pain

There is no sun, No warmth
Not even dappled shade
unfeeling wasteland
A cold embrace

Stretching out endlessly
a future without hope
As relentlessly
The clock ticks on.

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by Nina Spink


I watched you cross the room
with purpose, dimmed the light.
You pulled me in your arms
and took me, there, that night.

Confused and dazed you left me
My heart screeched out in pain
I knew then that I’d loved you
But would hold you not again.


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The Photograph

The Photograph
By Nina Spink

I remember that day
The day you went away
that twinkle in your eye
and I promised myself I wouldn’t cry

Well I kept my promise
of a sort

I smiled and waved farewell
You nodded back
I was sad … you could tell
You put your hat on back to front to make me laugh
That’s when I took this photograph

I didn’t want you to go
not just then
Just a few more hours
until you had to leave
But it wasn’t to be
And you held me close and kissed me
On the forehead, like a small child

I choked back the tears as the door closed
and I wandered aimlessly for the next hour or so
I couldn’t sleep
Until it was time for me to go
to catch my plane
back to the same old same

This picture holds but an image
A moment way back in my past
And though in years the photograph may wear and fade
My memory of that time will last.

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By Nina Spink

There’s a beauty in this landscape
Though the mist obscures its view
There’s an eerie sense of tranquility
known only to the precious few

And as you tread through sodden grass
to the gate at the distant end
tears seep into your shoes
through the holes you forgot to mend

If you scratch away the paintwork
from the lock upon the gate
you will see the rust spots poorly patched
Repairs done in much haste

Though there’s years of sad neglect
of resignation etched upon its plaque
tell-tale signs of reparation
reveal a heart that’s not all black

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by Nina Spink

There’s a screaming inside your head
Ever present, casting doubt
Is it frustration, fear or passion
Which causes your mind to shout?

There’s an empty space of yearning
A craving from within
A gaping wound, an aching void
Stripped bare beneath the skin

Deep in the pit of your stomach
A pain pierces like a dart
Tears choke back in your throat
It’s a sadness in your heart

There’s a hollow sense of victory
When each day comes to an end
As the steps stretch out in front
The mountain you must still ascend

With heavy limbs and even heavier heart
You climb the thirteen stairs
You fall into bed, switch off the light
But neglect to say your prayers

No respite comes, as hours tick by
Shadows swirl in unconscious stream
Secrets swim in nightmares caught
To drown in restless dream

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