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Stages of Love

Stages of Love
by Nina Spink

My first love was fear
My second was power
My third was safety
My fourth love, desire


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Speak Peace to my Heart

Speak Peace to my Heart
by Nina Spink

Speak peace to my heart and hold me fast
Until the morning, and the night is past.
Within your arms keep me safe from harm
Close and loved, soft and warm.

Keep me close, tell me it’ll be ok
Give me strength to endure another day
Hold me steady, don’t let me go
Love me now, the whole night through.

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Raindrop in the Ocean

Raindrop in the Ocean

by Nina Spink

I found my raindrop in the ocean!
Oh! Just how lucky am I.
Most will spend a lifetime
searching until they die.

I’d found a needle in a haystack
Impossible, though I sought
And tripped upon it lying there
Distracted, lost in thought.

Here was the one chance in a million
Upon my soul compel
So fine he was a standing
Ah me! twas there I fell.

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I take my first steps, with some trepidation.

First time using Word Press, first time making my verses available for viewing.

So I invite you to travel beside me as I embark on my journey.

I have no idea what will ensue but …… here I go

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