Tread Carefully

Tread Carefully

by Nina Spink

Be careful where you tread

Don’t crush her underfoot

She’s laid herself low for you

Tread carefully, lest you trample on her heart


Empty Bed

Empty Bed
by Nina Spink

I see his back
His strong, beautiful back
I long to touch him
I reach out
I only feel cold.
Cold sheets.
My tears fill the hollow
Once full of warmth.

Raindrop in the Ocean

Raindrop in the Ocean

by Nina Spink

I found my raindrop in the ocean!
Oh! Just how lucky am I.
Most will spend a lifetime
searching until they die.

I’d found a needle in a haystack
Impossible, though I sought
And tripped upon it lying there
Distracted, lost in thought.

Here was the one chance in a million
Upon my soul compel
So fine he was a standing
Ah me! twas there I fell.

Time made us Strangers

Time made us Strangers
by Nina Spink

I let go of your hand
You got lost in the crowd

You stayed behind
I needed to fly

Always on the horizon
Silhouetted against my sky

Never far from my thoughts
Time passing us by

We no longer talk,
Don’t speak the same language

We’re from different worlds
Nothing left to salvage

Time made us strangers

Nothing Left

Nothing Left
by Nina Spink

The face is familiar
Yet the eyes do not see,
The ears do not hear,
The mouth spits pain

There is no sun, No warmth
Not even dappled shade
unfeeling wasteland
A cold embrace

Stretching out endlessly
a future without hope
As relentlessly
The clock ticks on.


by Nina Spink


I watched you cross the room
with purpose, dimmed the light.
You pulled me in your arms
and took me, there, that night.

Confused and dazed you left me
My heart screeched out in pain
I knew then that I’d loved you
But would hold you not again.


Where am I?

Where am I?

By Nina

I’ve travelled far though never left my room
to far off lands of hope and doom

Where monsters thrive and demons dwell
Where Heaven exists alongside Hell

A universe of kings and queens
A world of nightmares and of dreams

Where the sea is red and the sun is white
Where there is no day and there’s only night

One minute, sailing on oceans wide
Next, swooping wings on which I glide

Fearlessly, I’m a warrior brave
from evil tyrants damsels save

Phobia’s faced and put to rest
I deftly complete every quest

Virtual stars of the silver screen
There’s no one thing I haven’t been

Half man, half beast, good or bad
A super hero, sane or mad

And yet in the blinking of an eye
Lose concentration and I die

A mind within a game or a game within a mind
To relive, click ENTER – another life designed

Where am I? I can be anywhere

November 2009