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Empty Bed

Empty Bed
by Nina Spink

I see his back
His strong, beautiful back
I long to touch him
I reach out
I only feel cold.
Cold sheets.
My tears fill the hollow
Once full of warmth.


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Online Friends

Online Friends

by Nina Spink

Bouncing in the dock
He appears but he doesn’t speak
I wait

I can’t initiate
I want to but I am shy
I wait

He’s otherwise occupied
I don’t want to intrude
I wait

He signs out

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Fall From Grace

Fall From Grace
Nina Spink

You held me safe, or so I thought
Within your care my soul there caught
You glanced away ’twas then I fell
Swiftly descending into a hell
on earth with no way out
No one to hear me when I shout
for help; “rescue me”, I called in vain
left to languish in timeless pain

A soul discarded, thrown away
Abandoned, cast out to decay
In blackest fear I there remained
Alone within my thoughts was chained
and bound without hope of release
A banished mind devoid of peace
To ponder on what might have been
If my fall you had foreseen

Then at my lowest ebb you came
To lift me up, forgive my blame
For it was not into my ear
you whispered to allay my fear
Your saving words fell upon my heart
and kissed my soul with lips apart
Broken, bruised, ripped and torn
Safe to your bosom this soul was borne

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Life’s Storms

by Nina Spink

This raging storm inside my head
When will it ever subside
It’s been raining here so very long
a prisoner kept inside

Confusion confines me on every side
whichever door I’d take
leads onto vast gaping ravines
made during life’s earthquake

Respite offered but fleetingly
upon each transient breeze
Yet all too soon to disappear
Serves only there to tease

Still thunder roars within my mind
each searing lightning flash
dark secrets for a moment glimpsed
Expose the aching gash

A wounded soul in search of rest
Yet nowhere can it find
Safe haven from the incessant storm
it wanders bruised and blind

Swirling winds grasp, taking hold
attempt its will to break
drags down the soul then spews it out
left shattered in its wake

In the aftermath of each gale
silence once more does screech
Within the smashed and tattered mind
Peace hangs … just out of reach

So tempting just to close ones eyes
give up, then peeling back
the fingers of life’s vice like grip
Let go, no turning back

Still something stirs within the depths
that urges to remain
pick up the pieces of shattered dreams
to weather life’s storm again

With tentative yet shaky steps
the fragile soul, fear filled
Battered, broken by the hurricane
determined to rebuild

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by Nina Spink

Do you not hear my screams?
I call to you from beyond my dreams
But having answers yet to come
I stand alone, in silence

Do you not feel my reaching out
To feel you near, no longer doubt?
But waiting for your warm embrace
I stand alone, in cold

Do you not taste me on the breeze?
Of kisses sweet beneath the trees
I lament the softness of your lips,
I stand alone, unloved

Do you not see me in your mind?
The times when you were ever kind
With friendship strong, I would confide
But now .. I stand alone, unseen

April 2009

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