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by Nina Spink

There’s a screaming inside your head
Ever present, casting doubt
Is it frustration, fear or passion
Which causes your mind to shout?

There’s an empty space of yearning
A craving from within
A gaping wound, an aching void
Stripped bare beneath the skin

Deep in the pit of your stomach
A pain pierces like a dart
Tears choke back in your throat
It’s a sadness in your heart

There’s a hollow sense of victory
When each day comes to an end
As the steps stretch out in front
The mountain you must still ascend

With heavy limbs and even heavier heart
You climb the thirteen stairs
You fall into bed, switch off the light
But neglect to say your prayers

No respite comes, as hours tick by
Shadows swirl in unconscious stream
Secrets swim in nightmares caught
To drown in restless dream


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Buried Dreams

by Nina Spink

To look upon the day so bright
With eyes transfixed in darkest night
The restless soul would linger long
To catch a glimpse of times bygone
And with the advent of each day
In warmest dreams would choose to stay.

But trick oneself should err remain
In desperate need relieve such pain
And yet with dread, would fear to stay
Wherein the shrieking shadows play
Upon the recess of the mind
Of thoughts guilt-ridden oft to bind.

And heady pleasures as recalled
Throw smiles upon the soul enthralled
Yet yearnings so intense prolong
a deepest need denied so strong
As with the keeness of a knife
To cut away this faulted life

With fleeting glance to azure sky
to view the skylark flying high
soon disappears from sight above
reminiscent of a long lost love
Expose the wound with stab of pain
Quick thoughts return to earth again

And so does search with envious eye
And inward wish for wings to fly
Away from this tumultuous place
And feel again that warm embrace
But knowing this could never be
A love which ne’er belonged to thee

With melancholy and aching heart
Tears wet upon the cheeks do smart
And silent sobs within the breast
Of hankerings devoid of rest
Deny the drowning soul safe stream
to close ones eyes, once more to dream.

Nina Spink
April 2009

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