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Looking Back

Looking Back
by Nina Spink

I haven’t got a pretty past.
It isn’t nice to hear.
There’s a great deal of hurt in there.
With a fair amount of fear.

And going through it, God knows I wished
I was anywhere but there.
I used to dream it wasn’t real
I’d be rescued from despair

I’d spend my days, counting down the years
crossing off each mark on the wall
But right here, right now, I’d not have it changed.
Bittersweet, I survived it all

I can never hope to change the past,
Or what’s been said and done.
I’m the product of the life I’ve led
It has made me who I am.

This person now before you stands
with hopes and dreams recast
To take control of her future path
Not just a victim of her past.


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Fall From Grace

Fall From Grace
Nina Spink

You held me safe, or so I thought
Within your care my soul there caught
You glanced away ’twas then I fell
Swiftly descending into a hell
on earth with no way out
No one to hear me when I shout
for help; “rescue me”, I called in vain
left to languish in timeless pain

A soul discarded, thrown away
Abandoned, cast out to decay
In blackest fear I there remained
Alone within my thoughts was chained
and bound without hope of release
A banished mind devoid of peace
To ponder on what might have been
If my fall you had foreseen

Then at my lowest ebb you came
To lift me up, forgive my blame
For it was not into my ear
you whispered to allay my fear
Your saving words fell upon my heart
and kissed my soul with lips apart
Broken, bruised, ripped and torn
Safe to your bosom this soul was borne

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