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Look for Me

by Nina Spink

You say you look, but you don’t see
If you really looked, you’d soon find me.
I am always there in the shadows
In the dark recesses of your mind
Someone, something once forgotten
If you search you will always find.

I’m the gold of the morning sun
The warmth in the summer breeze
The glint on the ocean waters
The rustle of the autumn leaves
as you trample them underfoot
when stealing thru the wood
at night I’m the moon watching
all you do, both bad and good

I’m there when the rain trickles slowly
down your face and soaks your clothes
when the biting winter winds come
and the frost as it chills your nose
I’m the sunshine as it warms your limbs
bringing laughter and joy and light
to your world otherwise tinged with darkness
a bleak landscape, of struggle and fight.

I’m there on the crowded platform
amongst all the bustle and jostling din
I’m there in the screaming silence
to quieten your raging soul within
To be always there when you want me
to be discarded or used when it suits
A listening ear, an emotional prop
A lover to soothe painful wounds

Feel me in the empty hotel room
In the delight of hot steamy showers
In the comfort of a white, snugly bathrobe
In the hugs in the early morning hours
that keep you close and wanted
the warmth and gentle caress
of longings stirring once forgotten
oh! soft lips as they gently press

I’m there in each of life’s frustrations
In the music inside your head
Unravelling your innermost secrets
in words your world is bled
over parchment of life as a canvass
a self portrait gradually revealed
displaying the colours of past times
a soul wounded once, now healed

I’m clothed about your body
In your outer and inner wear
I’m the memory of familiar places
The sadness that brings a tear
I’m a part of all your regrets
All your failures along the way,
things you had meant to achieve
The words you had meant to say

I share in your disappointments
In your unkindness and selfish acts
In your “take now, pay later” attitude
Your weakness to stop in your tracks
I have watched you drowning slowly
In your self made agony
A self inflicted demise
It’s hurt to stand by and see

But I am there when you feel abandoned
When Life deals you a hand to pass
When it seems that your only friend
Can be found at the bottom of a glass
I’m the hope on the distant horizon
The expanse of the infinite sea
stretching out with endless opportunities
of life’s challenges, that’s where I’ll be

If you’d look you’d easily find me
A voice who’d always answer your call
and then you’d suddenly realise
You’d really never lost me at all

Nina Spink
June 2009


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