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Empty Bed

Empty Bed
by Nina Spink

I see his back
His strong, beautiful back
I long to touch him
I reach out
I only feel cold.
Cold sheets.
My tears fill the hollow
Once full of warmth.


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By Nina Spink

There’s a beauty in this landscape
Though the mist obscures its view
There’s an eerie sense of tranquility
known only to the precious few

And as you tread through sodden grass
to the gate at the distant end
tears seep into your shoes
through the holes you forgot to mend

If you scratch away the paintwork
from the lock upon the gate
you will see the rust spots poorly patched
Repairs done in much haste

Though there’s years of sad neglect
of resignation etched upon its plaque
tell-tale signs of reparation
reveal a heart that’s not all black

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by Nina Spink

There’s a screaming inside your head
Ever present, casting doubt
Is it frustration, fear or passion
Which causes your mind to shout?

There’s an empty space of yearning
A craving from within
A gaping wound, an aching void
Stripped bare beneath the skin

Deep in the pit of your stomach
A pain pierces like a dart
Tears choke back in your throat
It’s a sadness in your heart

There’s a hollow sense of victory
When each day comes to an end
As the steps stretch out in front
The mountain you must still ascend

With heavy limbs and even heavier heart
You climb the thirteen stairs
You fall into bed, switch off the light
But neglect to say your prayers

No respite comes, as hours tick by
Shadows swirl in unconscious stream
Secrets swim in nightmares caught
To drown in restless dream

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Fall From Grace

Fall From Grace
Nina Spink

You held me safe, or so I thought
Within your care my soul there caught
You glanced away ’twas then I fell
Swiftly descending into a hell
on earth with no way out
No one to hear me when I shout
for help; “rescue me”, I called in vain
left to languish in timeless pain

A soul discarded, thrown away
Abandoned, cast out to decay
In blackest fear I there remained
Alone within my thoughts was chained
and bound without hope of release
A banished mind devoid of peace
To ponder on what might have been
If my fall you had foreseen

Then at my lowest ebb you came
To lift me up, forgive my blame
For it was not into my ear
you whispered to allay my fear
Your saving words fell upon my heart
and kissed my soul with lips apart
Broken, bruised, ripped and torn
Safe to your bosom this soul was borne

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The Planner by G

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by Nina Spink

Barely a year,
Though it seems forever
How I wish we had been
given more time together

People are kind …..but
Time lied, she doesn’t heal
How can she possibly know
how desolate broken hearts feel

I see your face in the clouds
Your voice carried on the breeze
I hear you call my name
through the rustle in the leaves

In my dreams I hold you close
Tender in your arms I sleep
But awake to find you gone
Just an empty aching deep

Does time pass slowly where you are?
Do you miss me as I do you?
Do you yearn to take me in your arms?
To make love the whole night through?

Do you look upon the same moon?
Do you make a silent wish?
A fervent prayer to the one above
Once more to feel my kiss?

And when the morning comes
Do you open your sleepy eyes?
Can you bear to face another day
With a heart that slowly dies?

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Self Reliance

by Nina Spink

Why do people hurt?
Even unintentionally.
They continue along,
Never turning back.
Why do they do this to me?

Why do people hurt?
Acting spitefully,
Never contemplating the harm,
Sharp uncaring words.
Why do they do this to me?

Why do people hurt?
Often calculatingly,
Promising friendship
then backstabbing.
Why do they do this to me?

Why do people hurt?
Taking unconditionally.
Mocking my trust,
Only to lie.
Why do they do this to me?

Why do people hurt?
Loving passionately.
Only playing a part
while it suits.
Why do they do this to me?

Why do people hurt?
Offering tantalisingly
To listen and understand
then turn away
Why do they do this to me?

Why do people hurt?
feigning reliability
Deserting in my hour of need
Leaving me alone
Why do they do this to me?

Yes, people hurt
When we fail ourselves
We need others occasionally
But trust, depend on oneself
Self reliance …
A hard lesson learned for me.

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