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Before the Rain

Before the Rain
by Nina Spink

Have you ever felt that silence
Just before the rain starts to fall
The changing light in the heavens
A bruised blanket spreads over all

There’s a sense of quiet foreboding
Hushed echoes deep in prayer
A halting breath in time and space
Nature’s heartbeat pulses the air

Darkening skies a backdrop to
Intense light each shape outlined
In a saturation razor sharp
A vibrancy unreal defined

The sudden chill that fills the void
Left by the departing sun
Rustling whispers through the leaves
Give fore-warning of what’s to come

First softly, then with heavy drops
The cracked, parched ground to sate
Releasing its earthy scent
When rain and soil do meet



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Summer Afternoon Stroll

Summer Afternoon Stroll

by Nina Spink

Lazy summer afternoons
their stillness does belie
the busyness going on beneath
a clear blue cloudless sky

Multi-coloured butterflies
go dancing in the sun
Lace-edged wings, so whisper thin
flutter in endless fun

Gold striped bees, the flowers kiss
each visit one by one
humming, buzzing, diligently
until their work is done

Industrious ants swarm o’er remains
of a dried, decaying frog
whilst rabbits scamper up and over
a moss covered hollowed log

And dragonflies dart to and fro
over ochre water deep
with gossamer wings a’shimmering
their transparent grace do sweep

A mass of yellow nodding heads
their petals stretched to greet
the sunshine with a welcome wave
their upturned faces meet

Pink blossom float on gentle breeze
reflects the maiden’s blush
with wisps of auburn hair blown by
her peach lips there to hush

A stroll along the waters edge,
the cool air there to feel
duck swooping herons from on high
in search of their next meal

Fish, streaked silver as they dash
within the amber lake,
leave sparkling circles ever wid’ning
of ripples in their wake

Crickets jump from blade to blade
their chirping music play
The soft red earth to footsteps yield
where deer and rabbit stray

And all the while the air is filled
with diversity of sounds
and barely a breath of wind to stir
the grass upon the mounds

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