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The Clearing in the Wood

by Nina Spink

Come, once more take her by the hand
And lead into the forest deep
To walk in silence of the night
While all about does soundly sleep

And as would traverse further in
through bracken clad and leafy ground
Save for the snap of trodden twig
Night scurries on without a sound

Then brush away the trailing branch
and carry over swollen stream
Espy ahead yon distant space
To tarry awhile and live the dream

A silver beam cuts through the dark
Like a knife, it slices clean
a swathe through dense black canopy
bathes clearing in a ghostly sheen

And here a glimpse of playful moon
Full clear and round, it acts its game
of hide and seek with creeping cloud
casts teasing shadows upon her frame

Glinting lines of moon-splashed buttons
as precious jewels would beckon touch
Tantalisingly evokes delight
of hidden treasures unwrapped to clutch

To watch in breathless still suspense
Your eyes intensely dark reflect
desires within your body stirred
An urgency couldn’t go unchecked

With racing heart, and pounding head
Exploring hand too soon reveals
Vision-blurred fantasy once craved
Lace topped stockings, and patent heels

Whilst silent rain falls cold and light
Upon her face, and trickles down
to rest upon her waiting lips
In kisses tender hope to drown

Here would she gladly spend her days
To lose herself within your arms
Held close against your body pressed
Would again surrender to your charms

Still rain relentlessly does fall
Upon two naked bodies wrapped
About each other lost in a time
another world, this moment trapped

And all the while this secret place
The mocking moon and stars look on
Majestic trees surround and gaze
as witness to this liaison.

Nina Spink


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Empty Nights

Empty Nights

by Nina Spink

The night steals in, without announcement.
My thoughts are not here, but that is nothing new.
I am conscious of my physical state, but not the exterior.
My inner self is raw, expectant and receptive – as always …. it is a trial.

Music my only companion, I traverse the early hours
A journey into unknown territory.
Anticipation is its own excitement.

Mind and body disjointed, yet connected
Two separate entities sharing one host.
Searching and emptying, absorbing yet yearning.

The morning creeps like ivy strangling its host,
slowly twisting, tightening its grip.
Enveloping, suffocating, stifling………

I cling to the night, its strength, its mystery.
Heightened senses, I know myself, I feel my being.
The unrelenting fire burns within, consuming yet never exhausted.
A thirst though satisfied, is never quenched.

A contradiction in terms, I look for reason but
finding none I reluctantly accept the anomaly which is me
Music matches my frequency and I find a soul mate.

I merge and lose myself in its rhythm and am powerless against its force.
There is no distinction between where I begin and where it ends –
we mingle in the flow. I am abstract, yet I am passion.

The words touch my very soul, my inner being
I become the song, the song is me!
I have so much love … to give … to accept … to take
I was made to love and be loved
But that is not the way of the world and so I yearn
And hide under the cover of darkness,
Content to keep my secret imperfections,
Glimpsed only fleetingly by those two closest.

Nina Spink

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Buried Dreams

by Nina Spink

To look upon the day so bright
With eyes transfixed in darkest night
The restless soul would linger long
To catch a glimpse of times bygone
And with the advent of each day
In warmest dreams would choose to stay.

But trick oneself should err remain
In desperate need relieve such pain
And yet with dread, would fear to stay
Wherein the shrieking shadows play
Upon the recess of the mind
Of thoughts guilt-ridden oft to bind.

And heady pleasures as recalled
Throw smiles upon the soul enthralled
Yet yearnings so intense prolong
a deepest need denied so strong
As with the keeness of a knife
To cut away this faulted life

With fleeting glance to azure sky
to view the skylark flying high
soon disappears from sight above
reminiscent of a long lost love
Expose the wound with stab of pain
Quick thoughts return to earth again

And so does search with envious eye
And inward wish for wings to fly
Away from this tumultuous place
And feel again that warm embrace
But knowing this could never be
A love which ne’er belonged to thee

With melancholy and aching heart
Tears wet upon the cheeks do smart
And silent sobs within the breast
Of hankerings devoid of rest
Deny the drowning soul safe stream
to close ones eyes, once more to dream.

Nina Spink
April 2009

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Damaged Goods

by Nina Spink

Under cover of night, shadows steal,

disfigured and lame, two damaged worlds meet,
taking shelter within each others wounds.
Shielded from harm, a temporary respite.
The pain and hurt carried deep within,
parcelled and neatly ribboned,
masking the grotesque of the memories inside,
the resulting scars fleetingly glimpsed .

Toxins released in the inevitable purge,
disfigured and tortured, the soul emerges,
war weary and battle scarred.
Vulnerable and fragile stands naked,
quaking, distrustfully and emotionally shredded.

Slowly, apprehensively as a child taking first steps,
reaching out to a kindred mind, to be guided, encouraged.

The dark and frayed canvass gives way to a bright many faceted mural,
bejeweled grass trapping the morning sun
offering warmth and energy to the weary soul.
Therein lies hope of a new day,
a clean slate, devoid of the baggage of the night before.

Hovering clouds disturbed by the Autumn breeze,
breathes new life,
A promise of clearer days ahead,
beckoning new pastures, ripe fruits for the plucking.
A re-balance of the distortion in prior years of
the desolate barren land of backbreaking
that stretched far behind into the distant past,
kept prisoner within ones mind
Where only Straight jacketed days extended endlessly ahead.

Now, the gold horizon ever tempting in its infinity,
sends whispers to caress the heart and stroke tired limbs.
Therein lies a promise of self worth and purpose just for the taking.
Fear and trepidation ….bravely …. nervously
I stumble forward to grasp.

Nina Spink

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