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by Nina Spink

I can’t bear to be here anymore
It’s been a grave mistake
What started as a home of love
Has now turned into hate

I feel the handcuffs chafing
And the chains no longer stretch
To the window where I’d look out
On the beauty just out of reach

The walls are closing in
On my sterile padded cell
The straight jacket binds me fast
In my corner where I dwell

The window now dark and dingy
Through which the sun no longer shines
Into this love forsaken hell hole
Wherein I am confined

What happened to our garden
I never saw it spoil
What had blossomed in the Summer
had died upon the Fall

This oppressive silence stifles
Here I can hardly breathe
If I don’t escape this prison now
I know I’ll never leave

I’m pleading for this broken heart
You only hold the key
That opens up this bolted door
Unlock and set me free

To feel the wind upon my pallid face
Oh! what I wouldn’t give
To spread my wings and fly away
Once more …. begin to live

Note: Can’t make up my mind whether to switch the last two verses round …..

Thanks …. yes I think so too – have swapped them round now. Thanks Miss D.


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Don’t Tell Me You Love Me

Don’t tell me you love me
by Nina Spink

Don’t tell me you love me
It doesn’t mean a thing
You lie through your teeth
I’m done with all this crying

Don’t tell me you love me
When you treat me like this
Hold me close in your arms
Then another shares your kiss

Don’t tell me you love me
I can’t bear to feel your touch
You’re not who you pretend to be
You’ve hurt me so much

Don’t tell me you love me
You never listen to what I say
Your vacant expression
You just turn your head away

Don’t tell me you love me
Then shout me down
At every opportunity
Making me feel like a clown

Don’t tell me you love me
Just to get your own way
Don’t you think I don’t know
These mind games you play

Don’t tell me you love me
Don’t you dare go there
You are nothing but trouble
Just get out of my hair

Don’t tell me you love me
I just don’t want to know
Here, I’ll even hold open the door
Go on, NOW … Just go

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Summer Afternoon Stroll

Summer Afternoon Stroll

by Nina Spink

Lazy summer afternoons
their stillness does belie
the busyness going on beneath
a clear blue cloudless sky

Multi-coloured butterflies
go dancing in the sun
Lace-edged wings, so whisper thin
flutter in endless fun

Gold striped bees, the flowers kiss
each visit one by one
humming, buzzing, diligently
until their work is done

Industrious ants swarm o’er remains
of a dried, decaying frog
whilst rabbits scamper up and over
a moss covered hollowed log

And dragonflies dart to and fro
over ochre water deep
with gossamer wings a’shimmering
their transparent grace do sweep

A mass of yellow nodding heads
their petals stretched to greet
the sunshine with a welcome wave
their upturned faces meet

Pink blossom float on gentle breeze
reflects the maiden’s blush
with wisps of auburn hair blown by
her peach lips there to hush

A stroll along the waters edge,
the cool air there to feel
duck swooping herons from on high
in search of their next meal

Fish, streaked silver as they dash
within the amber lake,
leave sparkling circles ever wid’ning
of ripples in their wake

Crickets jump from blade to blade
their chirping music play
The soft red earth to footsteps yield
where deer and rabbit stray

And all the while the air is filled
with diversity of sounds
and barely a breath of wind to stir
the grass upon the mounds

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Dangerous Games

Dangerous Games

by Nina Spink

He creeps from room to room
each holds a different scene
and yet there is a connecting door
through which he’s never been

His cleverness has served him well
these thirty years to date
but years of cunning and juggling
leave him open to mistake

With many faces and many acts
He hides behind a mask
Which one he uses in which room
Depends upon which task

How quick his wit has kept him sharp
He’s always in command
He plays these games with others hearts
He wins, then throws his hand

His demeanor calm as an oxbow lake
His guard is never down
But still waters they run deep
Yes, deep enough to drown

And sometimes though he doesn’t know
this interconnecting room
has a common view he knows not of
Shall be his future tomb

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by Nina Spink

I am but a twig,
Washed upon the beach
Small, insignificant and broken
The waves out to me do reach

Gently they pick me up
Each time a little further
along the shore they carry me
My new playful lover

And when I am settled
they bid me fond farewell
their voice growing ever distant
lost echoes upon each swell

Alone but not forgotten
Eagerly I await their return
Each night once more to greet me
In their midst again I yearn

But when the season changes
and the Full Moon kisses the sea
The waves leave me for another
No more to visit me

How teasing is my ocean
A fickle lover lost
I shalln’t wait until next Summer
I have learnt this to my cost

And yet I still hold dear
my carefree friend beside
I lament our moonlit love
lost on the turning tide.

Nina Spink
June 2009

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Look for Me

by Nina Spink

You say you look, but you don’t see
If you really looked, you’d soon find me.
I am always there in the shadows
In the dark recesses of your mind
Someone, something once forgotten
If you search you will always find.

I’m the gold of the morning sun
The warmth in the summer breeze
The glint on the ocean waters
The rustle of the autumn leaves
as you trample them underfoot
when stealing thru the wood
at night I’m the moon watching
all you do, both bad and good

I’m there when the rain trickles slowly
down your face and soaks your clothes
when the biting winter winds come
and the frost as it chills your nose
I’m the sunshine as it warms your limbs
bringing laughter and joy and light
to your world otherwise tinged with darkness
a bleak landscape, of struggle and fight.

I’m there on the crowded platform
amongst all the bustle and jostling din
I’m there in the screaming silence
to quieten your raging soul within
To be always there when you want me
to be discarded or used when it suits
A listening ear, an emotional prop
A lover to soothe painful wounds

Feel me in the empty hotel room
In the delight of hot steamy showers
In the comfort of a white, snugly bathrobe
In the hugs in the early morning hours
that keep you close and wanted
the warmth and gentle caress
of longings stirring once forgotten
oh! soft lips as they gently press

I’m there in each of life’s frustrations
In the music inside your head
Unravelling your innermost secrets
in words your world is bled
over parchment of life as a canvass
a self portrait gradually revealed
displaying the colours of past times
a soul wounded once, now healed

I’m clothed about your body
In your outer and inner wear
I’m the memory of familiar places
The sadness that brings a tear
I’m a part of all your regrets
All your failures along the way,
things you had meant to achieve
The words you had meant to say

I share in your disappointments
In your unkindness and selfish acts
In your “take now, pay later” attitude
Your weakness to stop in your tracks
I have watched you drowning slowly
In your self made agony
A self inflicted demise
It’s hurt to stand by and see

But I am there when you feel abandoned
When Life deals you a hand to pass
When it seems that your only friend
Can be found at the bottom of a glass
I’m the hope on the distant horizon
The expanse of the infinite sea
stretching out with endless opportunities
of life’s challenges, that’s where I’ll be

If you’d look you’d easily find me
A voice who’d always answer your call
and then you’d suddenly realise
You’d really never lost me at all

Nina Spink
June 2009

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The Clearing in the Wood

by Nina Spink

Come, once more take her by the hand
And lead into the forest deep
To walk in silence of the night
While all about does soundly sleep

And as would traverse further in
through bracken clad and leafy ground
Save for the snap of trodden twig
Night scurries on without a sound

Then brush away the trailing branch
and carry over swollen stream
Espy ahead yon distant space
To tarry awhile and live the dream

A silver beam cuts through the dark
Like a knife, it slices clean
a swathe through dense black canopy
bathes clearing in a ghostly sheen

And here a glimpse of playful moon
Full clear and round, it acts its game
of hide and seek with creeping cloud
casts teasing shadows upon her frame

Glinting lines of moon-splashed buttons
as precious jewels would beckon touch
Tantalisingly evokes delight
of hidden treasures unwrapped to clutch

To watch in breathless still suspense
Your eyes intensely dark reflect
desires within your body stirred
An urgency couldn’t go unchecked

With racing heart, and pounding head
Exploring hand too soon reveals
Vision-blurred fantasy once craved
Lace topped stockings, and patent heels

Whilst silent rain falls cold and light
Upon her face, and trickles down
to rest upon her waiting lips
In kisses tender hope to drown

Here would she gladly spend her days
To lose herself within your arms
Held close against your body pressed
Would again surrender to your charms

Still rain relentlessly does fall
Upon two naked bodies wrapped
About each other lost in a time
another world, this moment trapped

And all the while this secret place
The mocking moon and stars look on
Majestic trees surround and gaze
as witness to this liaison.

Nina Spink

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