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Move On

Move On
by Nina Spink

Time’s run out for regret’s sad song
Accept ones life, move on
Don’t squander that which now remains
The clock is ticking

Shame and guilt, luxuries I can’t afford.
I’ll cast down my glove, unsheathe my sword
The stakes too high to back down now
It’s gone too far for pleasantries

No point in hankering for what was lost
The decisions made, but at what cost
Too long entrapped in a passive role
It’s time for realisation

An endless lane stretches back as dead
A road named “hope” reaches out ahead
Those wasted years I’d hid behind
The door of lost opportunity

There’s nothing to save but for the years
A foundation formed of silent tears
No “once was”  to rebuild
A union by default


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Best Friends

Best friends

by Nina Spink

He speaks my name
And I can scarcely breathe
I turn my head
for a second I live

Then misty eyes
choking back my tears
times flooding back
from all those years

I’ve been away
For so very long
I’d remembered his voice
so rich, so strong

And yet once more
I feel this pain
from which I’d fled
to escape in vain

My eyes drawn to how
His arms about you clutch
All these wasted years
I’d longed for his touch

Faces smiling out
From ornate silver frame
I cant share that joy
For I still feel the same

Best friends for nigh on fifteen years
And yet you’ll never know
the heartbreak that I keep inside
my secret, not to hurt you so

So friend, again I’ll say goodbye
It’s time that I depart
For no, I don’t love him, not a bit
No …. Just with all my heart

This was an experimental poem of past, present and future feelings contained in one aspect poem. There is a change in rhythm from vs 1 – 4 (past) at vs 5 & 6 (present) and again vs 7 & 8 (future).
It was not intentional the rhythm change but I quite like it and quite by accident in my writings the past reads along quite speedy, breathlessly recalling past events. Then the present rhythm almost awkward – I can feel the downcast eyes, avoiding eye contact and shuffling feet. Finishing with the final 2 future verses almost a song of resignation and an air of moving away quickly.

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