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Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday

by Nina Spink


You once made me a card

To celebrate my birth

With glitter and stickers

It brought much mirth

But greater by far

the message conveys

You took time to care.

To be treasured always


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Indispensable Friend
(aka Ode to My Hot Water Bottle)
By Nina Spink


When it’s cold outside
And the night is long
When spirits are down
Life sings a sad song

At the end of the day
Work’s been a hard struggle
She’s always waiting
With a reassuring cuddle

Whether lying in bed
Or nestling in a chair
Off’ring warmth and comfort
She is always there

When your body is wracked
With those aches and pains
She gently soothes
And the tension drains

Enjoy the relief
That only she brings
Lifting the heart
Softening Life’s stings

So at those moments
When you’re feeling low
Take her in your arms
Feel that healing glow

Surrender yourself
In Heavenly bliss
She’s the next best thing
To a lover’s kiss



I was inspired to write this for a friend

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by Nina Spink


I watched you cross the room
with purpose, dimmed the light.
You pulled me in your arms
and took me, there, that night.

Confused and dazed you left me
My heart screeched out in pain
I knew then that I’d loved you
But would hold you not again.


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The Photograph

The Photograph
By Nina Spink

I remember that day
The day you went away
that twinkle in your eye
and I promised myself I wouldn’t cry

Well I kept my promise
of a sort

I smiled and waved farewell
You nodded back
I was sad … you could tell
You put your hat on back to front to make me laugh
That’s when I took this photograph

I didn’t want you to go
not just then
Just a few more hours
until you had to leave
But it wasn’t to be
And you held me close and kissed me
On the forehead, like a small child

I choked back the tears as the door closed
and I wandered aimlessly for the next hour or so
I couldn’t sleep
Until it was time for me to go
to catch my plane
back to the same old same

This picture holds but an image
A moment way back in my past
And though in years the photograph may wear and fade
My memory of that time will last.

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Miss Lucy

Miss Lucy
by Nina Spink

She’s the best friend one could ever have
Never short of sayings to make me laugh
And when I’m careworn, down or sad
Her infectious smile melts away all that’s bad

I can never wait to hear her news
whether it’s about a dress or a pair of shoes
she thinks are perfect for me
they’ll be still up on her mac for me to see

She has a passion for capes
In fact anything that drapes
As long as its black or red
In which others wouldn’t be seen dead

Yes, she is a little strange and quite unique
Can recite “word for word” the song about a spinning leek
She’ll answer my questions that I haven’t said
And seems to know what’s mulling around my head

And on those rare occasions I may be in a mood
‘Cos she can’t make a decision about which food
to have, she’ll never let me get away
with a sarcastic comment cast her way

Having said that she is abundantly kind
One of the sweetest girls you could ever find
If you knew her, you couldn’t fail to see
just how wonderfully special is Miss Lucy


I wrote this little poem about my daughter.  She is very special.

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Online Friends

Online Friends

by Nina Spink

Bouncing in the dock
He appears but he doesn’t speak
I wait

I can’t initiate
I want to but I am shy
I wait

He’s otherwise occupied
I don’t want to intrude
I wait

He signs out

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Best Friends

Best friends

by Nina Spink

He speaks my name
And I can scarcely breathe
I turn my head
for a second I live

Then misty eyes
choking back my tears
times flooding back
from all those years

I’ve been away
For so very long
I’d remembered his voice
so rich, so strong

And yet once more
I feel this pain
from which I’d fled
to escape in vain

My eyes drawn to how
His arms about you clutch
All these wasted years
I’d longed for his touch

Faces smiling out
From ornate silver frame
I cant share that joy
For I still feel the same

Best friends for nigh on fifteen years
And yet you’ll never know
the heartbreak that I keep inside
my secret, not to hurt you so

So friend, again I’ll say goodbye
It’s time that I depart
For no, I don’t love him, not a bit
No …. Just with all my heart

This was an experimental poem of past, present and future feelings contained in one aspect poem. There is a change in rhythm from vs 1 – 4 (past) at vs 5 & 6 (present) and again vs 7 & 8 (future).
It was not intentional the rhythm change but I quite like it and quite by accident in my writings the past reads along quite speedy, breathlessly recalling past events. Then the present rhythm almost awkward – I can feel the downcast eyes, avoiding eye contact and shuffling feet. Finishing with the final 2 future verses almost a song of resignation and an air of moving away quickly.

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